Configure videotape to connect to a local instance of Jellyfin or Emby

In windows, there is a platform limitation that doesn't allow UWP apps to connect to the same machine and we need to add some configuration manually.


There are two methods to do that, but both do the same thing in the end. You can also watch this video for more info:


  1. Using the command prompt or terminal:
  • Open a command prompt or terminal (press windows key and type cmd to open it)
  • Type:

CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt -a -n=53468villagralabs.videotape_3rqwnxthpafc8



2. Using the enableloopbackutility Utility:

  • Download the enableloopbackutility from:
  • Install it and launch it
  • Look for videotape in the applications list, enable it and click on save changes

Videotape should now be able to connect to your local media server.