Integration example

It couldn't be easier to integrate your app with Usuaia. You just need to add links inside your app to open the default browser with the appropriate section. Let's see how it's been done by the app Videotape

Videotape is a simple video player for windows 10. They chose Usuaia because they needed an affordable platform to host their documentation & legal pages, an issues platform and a blog to inform their users about their new features.

This is how their app look:


You can see how they styled the integration with Usuaia on the bottom right. Those are just hyperlinks that redirects the user to the updates, issues and pages section:

What's new takes them to their updates section:

Report an issue links to the issues page where :


Privacy policy opens one of their pages, in this case the privacy policy: .

Pages are publicly available by default, so it's a great place to for example host the legal documentation for the store submission process.


Don't forget that Usuaia is mobile friendly, so everything looks great when used from a mobile device too!


As you can see, it couldn't be easier, just create web links from your app to the section you want to integrate from your product:{your-public-id}/updates{your-public-id}/issues{your-public-id}/forum{your-public-id}/pagesYou can also link to a specific page. ex:


Do you need an sdk for a deeper integration? Tell us what you need and we can give you access to a preview SDK.