Header Block


The header block provides an interactive way to structure your notes in different sections.



        Different Types of headers



  • Added in version 1.0.0



  • H2 Does change the header to level 2
  • H3 Does change the header to level 3



The header block can be added like any other blocks through the add menu. It uses an “H” as an icon. Headers can also be imported from HTML and if the header is a level 2 or level 3 header it will be converted in the correct way. It is also possible to convert normal text to a header: simply by selecting it and then by the drop menu. As you change the headers of your note, also the table of contents will be updated automatically and it's related quick-links. These quick links can be used to jump between sections,  which allows you to navigate your content more easily 

Note: the main-header of each note is the special header which cannot be removed, but of course can be edit.