Sync Troubleshooting

Kyoku Flashcards automatically syncs your cards and edits to all devices; you don’t have to do anything.


If you notice missing cards or card updates, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try.



  • An iCloud account with enough free space for your notes and the files attached to your notes
  • iCloud Drive enabled on the device (Apple has instructions for Mac and iOS devices)


Check Apple’s iCloud status page

Sometimes sync problems come down to iCloud having trouble. Apple maintains a service status page that is great to check if sync isn’t working.


Confirm Setup

There are two accounts to check on your devices: the App Store account and the iCloud account. These accounts must be the same on all devices.

For example: you could be signed into iCloud with on all devices, and also signed into the App Store with on all devices and Kyoku Flashcards synchronization will work among the different devices.

There are also a few more settings to check, so let’s walk through them.

  • You are signed into the Settings → iCloud Preferences Pane
  • iCloud Drive is enabled
  • Kyoku Flashcards has an enabled checkbox inside the iCloud Drive Pane
  • You are signed into the Settings → iTunes & App Store Preferences Pane