[Feature Suggestion] Attach Audio Files to Flashcards
one month ago

I would like to be able to attach pre-recorded audio files to flashcards or record audio files directly in the app and attach them to flashcards. This is not the most essential feature but it would still be useful for various reasons.

For example, if I attach an audio file to the front of the flashcard, I can include audio clues that make it easier to guess the answer. I can also provide snippets of audio with examples that help me better visualize the question that's being asked.

If I insert an audio file on the back of the card, it can be a recording where I'm just reading the answer. Sometimes it helps to hear the answer at the same time that I'm reading it, in order to better absorb the information. There are also times when my eyes get tired from reading and I prefer to hear the information. Additionally, the audio clip can be used to provide information that's not included in the answer, such as examples. I might not want to write out everything in the answer section because it would become too wordy and unpleasant to read. Some information, such as examples, take up a lot of space, and I think they would be better off included in audio form.

The audio should only play if we tap on it. Sometimes I may want to hear the audio information and sometimes I don't. For example, I might want to give myself some time to guess first before I decide to hear any audio clues.

There are different learning styles, such as visual, auditory & tactile. While people usually have a preference, I think most of us learn from a combination of these approaches. If you decide to add audio as one of the mediums that we can work with, then I definitely think it will enhance the learning experience.

Thank you!