[Feature Suggestions] Import Multiple Images from the Gallery All at Once; Also Provide the Option to Auto-Sort Imported Images
one month ago

I would like the option to import multiple images from albums in my gallery into the flashcards, and I prefer to import them all at once instead of one-by-one. It doesn't have to be that many images at a time. Probably the max I would pick is around 6 images per card, because that's how many will comfortably fit on each side of the flashcard.

Also, I would appreciate it if we had the option to auto-sort these imported images. This way the images would automatically be organized by being put next to each other, instead of stacked on top of each other. A feature like this would help save me some work, and in the end also save me time.

Both of these are time-saving features that I think would be very useful to have. I don't consider these features essential but they definitely are very useful to include in the app. They would speed up the process of making flashcards, which can be very time-consuming. Even though they would be amazing, the most essential features that I'm waiting on in order to be able to use this app regularly are the ability to add text, the option to attach multiple images in each flashcard, and a search bar. Once these features are added, the app will have all of the essential features for making useful flashcards to study for classes such as Anatomy, which is information-dense and uses a lot of visuals. After that, it would be great to see more bonus features like the ones mentioned in this post, in order to make the process of creating flashcards faster, and enhance the user experience.

Please keep improving this app. So far, it is intuitive and I think it has a lot of potential. It can become so much greater with only a few basic features added.

Thank you!