[Feature Suggestions] A Text Tool, and Multiple Images in a Flashcard + GIF support
one month ago


I really enjoy the user experience in Kyoku Flashcards more than other flashcard apps. It is a well designed app.

However, there are a few important features that I think would make this app feel a lot more complete.

This is what I suggest:

  1. Please allow us to insert multiple images in each flashcard (at least 4 images in the front of the card, and 4 in the back of the card). I'm studying Anatomy & Physiology and I have to make flashcards in order to study the different muscles and bones. It's important for me to view each muscle & bone from different angles in order to better understand the details of their structure and how they are attached. Having multiple visual references would make a big difference and it would allow me to create much more effective flashcards. For this reason, it would help a lot if I could upload multiple images in a card.
  2. Secondly, it would be helpful if GIF support is provided. GIFS are useful in showing something from different angles but also in showing how things move. The body is in constant motion even at a cellular level and GIFS can capture information that still images cannot. They can show the mechanics of how a heart beats and how our lungs work. They're useful for illustrating chemistry concepts and much more. GIF support would be a very cool and useful feature but I would consider it slightly less important than the ability to insert multiple pictures in one flashcard.
  3. Lastly, we really need a text tool. This is a very important feature to include. I don't have an Apple Pencil and it's not easy for me to write with my finger or a cheap stylus. It looks messy and I don't like the experience. I would much rather use a text tool and type the questions/answers. This would be much faster and easier to work with. Plus, if we get text support, I can just copy & paste text from other documents, which would help me transfer information into the flashcards at a faster rate.

Thank you for reading my feature suggestions :)